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Candidate Anne Costello

Anne Costello for School Board

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About Anne Costello

Putting Experience into Action

    As a parent of two students and the wife of a teacher in the district, I know how decisions made by the school board can impact our students and staff. In the years leading up to now, I joined the school's site council, the superintendent's advisory board, the Lawrence Schools Foundation board, and Future's committee as attempts to see firsthand what was happening in our district, but the level of impact I could have in those roles was minimal. I am running so that I can make an impact. I want to ensure not only my children, but all children in the district receive the best education possible. Through these experiences, I have learned a lot about school funding and finance as well as how the district operates. Many of the skills I have developed in my career from managing budgets, working collaboratively, listening to all viewpoints, and focusing on the consumer will also aid me in my endeavor. If elected, I will work to close achievement gaps, increase support for teachers and staff, increase transparency and communication, work with the City to attract families to the district and advocate to fully fund schools.

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