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Running for school board is a giant undertaking that would not be possible without the help of others. I am asking for your support during my campaign. Please consider making a donation and volunteering to help. 

Thank you,


Donate to my campaign. 

Volunteer for my campaign.

Steering Committee:

Michelle Fales, Manager
Kaelyn McCall, Treasurer
Debbi Johanning

Dee Kemp

Jennifer Perry

Catherine Evans

Nolan Henderson

Toni Clogston

Don Engel

Diane & Robert Knapp

Ted Passig

Julia Larson

Barbara Costello

Stephanie & Bryan Swan

Becki Carl

Ceri & Chris Goulter

Andrea & Eric Reed

Sarah Miley

Sara & Brian Dana

Jeff Lough

Kevin Polian

Leon Fales

Dan & Emily Cataldi

Heather Bunker & Ken Filsinger

Lynn Basow

Jen Campsey


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Go Vote Flyers

Thanks to the Lawrence businesses who have helped my campaign. Please support them.

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